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Laxmi Book Publication's Thesis Indexing
Letter of Authority for publication of Thesis / Dissertation / Projects
(Laxmi Book Publication’s Thesis Indexing : A Repository of Electronic Theses, Dissertations and Projects)
Whereas, Laxmi Book Publication and --------- have come together to collaborate and to make a participation for Repository of Electronic Thesis, Dissertations and Projects on ------ .Whereas, Laxmi Book Publicaiton, an organization for repository, as its mandate, promotes open access to scholarly content generated in universities and research organizations. The Laxmi Book Publication has computers, network, software infrastructure and technical support required for hosting electronic versions of theses, dissertations and projects in open access with interface to search, retrieve and access these contents.
Whereas ------------- (University / Deemed University / Inter University Centre / Research Organization) has acknowledged to participate in the process of digitization of old theses, projects and dissertations which is not available in computerized format and building-up of electronic repository and to promote, share and host its ETD in Thesis Indexing.
“Thesis Indexing” is a name created by Laxmi Book Publication for indexing to the repository of Electronic Theses, Projects and Dissertations. "Thesis Indexing", a repository of theses and dissertations submitted to universities and research departments, is expected to keep growing to a formidable size as more and more researchers from all over world submit their research works to this ever growing reservoir. Under the initiative called “Thesis Indexing”, research scholars / research supervisors in universities are requested to deposit digitized versions of approved synopsis submitted by research scholars to the universities for registering themselves for the Ph.D programme. This Letter of Authority defines responsibilities, liabilities and assurance of the institutions involved to ensure proper system implementation, to meet the goals belonging to submission and access to Electronic Theses, projects and Dissertations.
Now, therefore, in consideration of the mutual agreements herein contained, Thesis Indexing and the University agree to the following terms and conditions:
Laxmi Book Publication
  • Provides access to “Thesis Indexing” ETD hosting service at the Laxmi Book Publication to the University with accompanied web user interface enabling University / its student to create metadata and upload their theses, projects and dissertations in ETD repositories and developed designs for this purpose. The Laxmi Book Publication will take the responsibility of maintaining the data reliable and usable, keep back-up of the data so as to avoid its loss. The Laxmi Book Publication will deploy tools and techniques of digital preservation to ensure continuous access to scholarly content in electronic formats and to protect them from access failure, physical loss and obsolescence.
  • Provides specifications of system, configurations and technical guidance to the University for accomplishment of computer hardware and related systems for setting-up of ETDs.
  • Provides guidelines, technical standards, protocols and specifications for digitization of research theses submitted to the university in past and for theses not available in digitized format.
  • Provides easy to use interface for creation, updating and computerized operation of digital repositories of ETDs.
  • Provide services to evaluate theses for possible plagiarism and submit a report to the concerned university.
  • The Laxmi Book Publication may refuse to host any material deemed by the Laxmi Book Publication to be controversial in nature or is in violation of copyright act.
  • The right of denial will not relieve the University / Ph.D. scholar of liability, both to Laxmi Book Publication and to the public, for matter contained in the theses that may be abusive or actionable and to both Laxmi Book Publication and copyright owners for copyright infringement by the research Scholar.
  • The Laxmi Book Publication will not be responsible for errors, mistakes, omissions, inaccuracies and quality of content or misinformation or for any loss caused to the user or any third party from the use of content provided in the theses.
  • The Laxmi Book Publication takes backup the content of theses, projects and dissertations on different machines and other auxiliary storage media.However, the Laxmi Book Publication does not take the responsibility for the archiving or backing-up of loaded content. The universities, therefore, should also keep a back-up of their theses, projects and dissertations.
  • Laxmi Book Publication maintains a repository called “Thesis Indexing” for hosting the approved synopses of research topic submitted to the universities by the students for registering themselves under the doctoral or research programme. Research students/their guides are encouraged to submit approved synopses/research proposals and register their priority on a research proposal through the repository.
The University
  • The University would grant non-exclusive worldwide license to the Laxmi Book Publication for hosting and distributing their theses, projects & dissertations in digital format in 'Thesis Indexing' or any other server maintained for this purpose.
  • The University / its researcher, scholars agree to host / upload a digital file in mutually agreed format of all theses on to the "Thesis Indexing" server at the Laxmi Book Publication.
  • The University / its researcher, scholars agree to host / upload a digital file in mutually agreed format of all theses on to the "Thesis Indexing" server at the Laxmi Book Publication.
  • The University entrusts to digitize theses, projects and dissertations and their bibliographic records submitted to the university, research department and provide necessary infrastructure including manpower support for operation of ETDs.
  • Arranges to provide training to research scholars or users of its library and staff of colleges affiliated to University in creation of electronic version of theses and their deposition in the ETDs.
  • Ensures use of standard website and metadata schema provided by the Laxmi Book Publication for setting-up or development or operation of its ETDs.
  • Creates bibliographic records of all theses, projects and dissertations submitted to the university or research department in standard bibliographic formats prescribed by the Laxmi Book Publication from time to time.
  • Commits to sharing of library ETD resources / databases with the Laxmi Book Publication as well as with other universities.
  • The University will also commit their own funds or grants for fulfilment of the project, if the project on implementation of ETDs demands more resources and funds to complete it.
  • University would encourage and ensure that Research Scholars/ Research Supervisors deposit host their approved Research Proposals/approved synopses on the “Thesis Indexing” once Ph.D. is registered.
Termination Policy
Both Parties, will have rights to terminate the Letter of Authority at any time in case of breach of obligations and terms and conditions of the Letter of Authority. This Letter of Authority signed hereunder may be terminated by either party at anytime upon sixty (60) days of prior written notice. Upon termination of this agreement, the Laxmi Book Publication / University will stop hosting their theses immediately while keeping the theses already deposited by the University in its archives for its users. The University shall stop using the Laxmi Book Publication’s “Thesis Indexing” facilities and databases and return any credentials or digitized content provided by or through the Laxmi Book Publication, back to Laxmi Book Publication within the 2 months notice period. In Witness hereof, the parties hereto executed this Letter of Authority on this date above mentioned.
Authorized Signature
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